House rules

We ‘d like to see our customers to come to our massage parlor sober so they can properly enjoy our massage programs! We can not massage clients, who had to much to drink! Therefore we don’t provide any alcohol!

It is customary to pay in advance.

It is not a matter of course that you can prolong a massage, because it is possible that the next client is already waiting in the reception room. If you like to extend the massage, you must specify this in advance. (+ 15 min.).

When a customer repeatedly behaves annoying or disrespectful, the masseuse is allowed to abort the massage. The amount paid in advance is not refundable!

Binding agreements are made with the masseuses. The masseuse (s) of your choice will accompany you to the workspace and will also simultaneously leave the room with you! The massage time for which you have paid will be respected by masseuse (s). If this is not the case, we ask that you report this as soon as possible, so that the issue can be solved in good consultation! It’s no use complaining afterwards!

Before and after the massage, you can have soft drinks at the reception.